National Centre of Competence in Research – AntiResist:

New approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Antibiotics are powerful and indispensable drugs to treat life threatening bacterial infections, such as sepsis or pneumonia. Antibiotics also play a central role in many other areas of modern medicine, in particular to protect patients with a weakened immune system during cancer therapies, transplantations or surgical interventions. These achievements are now at risk, with the fraction of bacterial pathogens being resistant to one or multiple antibiotics steadily increasing. 

NCCR AntiResist aims to bring about a paradigm shift in antibiotic research with an interdisciplinary approach that assembles a Swiss-wide network of research groups from the fields of clinical research, biology, chemistry, computation engineering and pharmacology.

AntiResist’s board of Directors from left to right: Prof. Urs Jenal (Deputy Director), Prof. Christoph Dehio (Director), Prof. Dirk Bumann (Deputy Director) – Biozentrum of the University of Basel, Switzerland